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We are committed to providing digital accessibility for people with disabilities as a dealer serving the public good. We will continue to collaborate with our website provider to improve the user experience of their platform for all users while implementing relevant accessibility tools and standards.

Our website is built on a platform provided by a partner, with HTML and CSS code that complies with W3C standards. The site displays correctly in current browsers thanks to standards-compliant HTML/CSS code, and it should continue to do so in future browsers.

Can’t you access our website? Are you facing issues?

If you have any problems accessing the information on our websites, please contact us by sending an email through our Contact page or calling us at (NUMBER). Please provide specifics about the accessibility issue, including the website address that may have caused difficulties.

What if someone is disabled? Will he access our website? Daim Autos and its affiliated companies strive to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to all of Daim’s goods and services. So, we aim to allow all individuals, regardless of assistive technology use, to effectively research our products and services and transact business through our websites.

So, now whether you have a disability or not, you can still access our website. Sounds interesting? Isn’t it?

Do you want to know more? Let’s dive in.

We strive to continuously improve the accessibility of our websites, apps, and services. But how is this possible? Any guess? So, we have hired experienced accessibility advisors to audit, enhance, and evaluate our websites, apps, and services. They help us ensure that as much of the content and functionality as possible meets or surpasses applicable industry accessibility standards.

Daim Autos Ensure
Website Accessibility

Like every other owner, we also desire as many visitors as possible. This is why we take the necessary steps to ensure to make our site accessible to all users. Millions of customers rely on websites being accessible, and if owners don’t take the time to understand their requirements, everyone will suffer.

Fortunately, implementing accessibility is not difficult. First, one simply needs to understand the underlying issues that can make a site difficult or impossible to use for some people. Then, once you’ve done that, you can take steps to avoid making those mistakes in the future and make your site more welcoming to all visitors.

Our Measures to Enhance Accessibility

So how we ensure website accessibility? Do you know? Let’s dive in.
To ensure the accessibility of sites developed on the Net Driven platform, our website partner takes the following steps:

  • Ensures that accessibility is part of their ongoing process of improvement.
  • Formal accessibility quality control methods are used.
  • Stays up to date on the regulatory and organizational aspects of accessibility.
  • No customer will experience issues with our website.
  • Our website will provide a seamless shopping experience to our customers.
  • More and more customers come to our website.
  • Our website will not be overloaded with items
  • The website theme will constantly be updated so that you
    keep enjoying while shopping
  • Select a content management system that is accessible.
  • Use headings correctly to organize your content’s structure.
    Include appropriate alt text for images.
  • Give the names of your links that are both unique and descriptive.
  • Color should be used with caution. In addition, forms should be
    designed to be accessible.
  • Use tables for tabular data, not layout. Ensure that all content can be accessed logically with the keyboard alone.
  • Make dynamic content available.

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